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This has been a problem that has been with source since the start. Why is it, when I go to the browser after loading the game for the first time, all the columns are shifted to the right, all squished up. Very annoying! Also the favorites dont work. I keep adding servers to favorites but they NEVER appear. Why is this? Is there a fix?


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    I have given up on valve to fix this crap, instead they feel like adding cod2 and making steam work in Poland. >:(
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    Yeah because thats more people to preach to... -.-

    Try moving your steam folder, backing up and then deleting client registry.blob and config.cfg.

    If that doesnt work, verify game cache integrity through steam's game options.
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    I officially give up with this problem. After a clean install it works perfectly like it should. But in a matter of days its back to normal. Favorites don't work and all columns squished to the right.
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    Well, I dont know if this will work for source, but in 1.6. MY Favortites bug got fixed when i deleted my clientregistry.blob file. Then my favorites worked :]
    i pity the noob!


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