Anyone know this song?

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It was in "St. Jimmy's new radio sounds" And i tried it and fell in love with the CT win Song, it sounds like a military ceremonial theme, and it is soothing to me. So does ANYONE know what that song was called? in case you dont know what file to find it in, it is right here MANY THANKS IN ADVANCE TO ALL WHO HELPS! -Fata1


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    Why not:

    upload the sound file.

    Link to it

    <|a href="">

    remove the |'s
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    Linked it for ya.
    Hmm I heard that song before.
    It's pretty cool but dunno the name.
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    Facepunch sucks
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    "The final countdown" by Europe.
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    [Brutally Honest]
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    Yep, Its The Final Countdown by Europe. That songs great. The music video is pretty funny too. I played it during that eon8 countdown.
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    Ashley Titsdale is my hero


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