What maps would you put in a rotation

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Argh, couldn't get my title to fit, sorry. Simple question here. My community has a secondary server we'd like to try to get going again. What maps would you put into a rotation (using both stock and custom maps) if your sole goal was to design a rotation of maps that will get people joining the server, and then stick around once they are there. Certainly there are many other factors involved in creating a server people would like to join, but I'm just curious about rotation for now. I suppose an ideal rotation length would be at least 10 maps, and for what its worth, the current length of time spent on each map is 20 minutes. 20 minutes seems optimum to me, would you agree? disagree? That's all, thank you.


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    De_dust2,de_dust,de_cpl_mill. =P
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    2008 - Year of the Open Source
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    Cs_assault, cs_assault_2005, cs_assault_2005new, cs_office, de_dust2, de_dust, de_aztec, fy_simpons, fy_kingofthehill, scoutknives (i think its de_scotuknivez), maybe some zombiemod maps, lol
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    What would nemmy do?
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    Surf_leet_xl_beta7z, surf_rebel_resistance_final2, surf_japanv2
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    Posted by Envision

    De_dust2,de_dust,de_cpl_mill. =P

    de_cpl mill is the best de_ map ever
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    Nah i dont like it. not enough eye candy. and some of the boxes have problems. also one of the doors may get you stuck.

    Id put: de_inferno, de_train, de_aztec, de_dust2, de_vostok and maybe some as_ ones too.


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