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Skum's Second Video (Non Scout).

A Forum Thread for Counter-Strike: Source

My Second Video.. I apologise about the poor quality.. Half of it all sucks anyways :p. Feedback appreciated. Thanks for viewing..


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    Simplicity avatar
    Simplicity Joined 12y ago
    Nice huge bomb led :P Decent video, are you using windows movie maker? If so I highly reccomend something else. You lose more then half the quality saving with it.
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  • 11y
    Pyrrhic avatar
    Pyrrhic Joined 12y ago
    531 points Ranked 8762nd
    Its an alright video, could use some work though.
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    Digital Artist
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    ice_dogz Joined 13y ago
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    It seemed as if though 75% of the time, we were watching you walk around more then shooting people. Very nice video non the less, maybe your next video make it more action compact ;) Keep the good work up!!
  • 11y
    KuRuPt_ avatar
    KuRuPt_ Joined 11y ago
    736 points Ranked 6555th
    Nice video,by the way what crosshairscale are you using, i couldnt tell by the video.I use to have mine small but then changed it to normal and found myself getting alot more headshots
    These Hands Will Always Be Rou
  • 11y
    G3lm!s avatar
    G3lm!s Joined 12y ago
    493 points Ranked 9363rd
    Nice video
  • 11y
    Boondox avatar
    Boondox Joined 12y ago
    The deagle part made me turn it off
    //RS Twiztid - In game name avatar
    //RS Twiztid - In game name
  • 11y
    DameonSkum avatar
    DameonSkum Joined 12y ago
    154 points Ranked 22374th
    I use the Crosshair Scale 2000. Thanks for the Approve G3lm!s. Thanks for atleast being honest Boondox :p. And thanks to everyone who has posted =).
    Lux0r, Pwnz0r, hax0r!
  • 11y
    liamhardy123 avatar
    liamhardy123 Joined 11y ago
    406 points Ranked 10891st
    Simps sayin bout quality and WMM its fine perfect for me but youtube messes up loads of vids some of mine r rubbihs quality some r fine its just being lucky and hoping youtube r kind LOL there is no way to make the quality better on youtube really only making ur vid quality better and you can only make it so good and youtube will still mess it up ;)
    w3'r3 50 pr377y 0h 50 pr377y!!


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DameonSkum avatar
DameonSkum Joined 12y ago
154 points Ranked 22374th

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