Two old 1.5 maps i remember...

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I remember to old arctic maps... Ok guys what was the de_... map, i remember that came with 1.5, that had CT Spawn - In a cave. T Spawn - Near an ice brdige and the 2 bombsites were a big 18 wheeler juggernaut with a freezer, and a crashed plane. There was also a a small frozen up town. Id love to see a good remake of that for CS:Source - but i cant remember the god damn map. Also what was the frozen Assination map that had the heli, and the terrorists started near an apc? again id love to see that ported over, i LOVED playin them maps, especially VIP ones.


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    De_survivor is the one with the crashed plane

    never heard of the VIP map though. sounds like a version of as_crazytank which are custom
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    We Don't Need to Whisper
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    I remember that one.
    Very nice map.
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    Facepunch sucks
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    I think Valve is planning to bring back the old VIP mode to CSS, i know i read it somewhere, i can't remember exactly. I also remember sobody had converted the as_arctic for source, but it was taken down a while back because it was not fully supported by the game. Again, i'm not quite sure about it, it's been a long while since we removed the "AS" category from the CSS maps section.
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    Think the AS map you are refering to is as_arctic.
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    Resident Asshole
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    CSS has as_mod just what can i say...dead it works perfectly it was big when it came out but then died couse to little used it
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    Teh Def
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    cs_docks ftw
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    Jiggle Jiggle
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    As_tundra! and another map i remember from 1.5: de_vegas. but i think de_survivor is included in 1.6?!!! wasnt it?? :O becouse its in my map list!
    A.K.A. DekuScrub/FoXster


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