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A Forum Thread for Counter-Strike: Source

Hi guys. I need some help. My goal is to be able to do basically everything from making a model to releasing it. This means I need to take a model and animations I make in 3DSmax, export UVMaps, make textures (I can do that), compile it all, and be happy. I already know how to use 3DSmax (I can make models and animate them) but I don't have a clue how to do the whole UVmap thing. I also don't know how to get it from there, into a form that can be compiled with something like the Studio Compiler. Furthermore, I know nothing of compiling (I can't even get the Studio Compiler to work. I got passed the 211 error thing but now when I try to decompile a model, it crashes and shuts down) SO, I am asking you guys for help. ANYONE who can help on any of these problems Please feel free to post some advice/instructions. My current goal is to learn enough so that I can make world models for the duel USP Match pistols that I released alittle while ago. Version 2 is already reskined and fully customizeable, but I won't release it untill I can get some World models. Please help. I'm relying on you guys.


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    Err.... link Btw, check out my indenting video tutorial. Should help you with multiple things :P
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    Oh hey, people replyed! Thanks guys, i'll have a look at those links and post back later. Edit* Cool, using the links you provided kagoshima I managed to find this page: I think this will be quite useful. I watched your video tutorial protocol but didn't learn anything new from it. Like I said before, I already know how to model and animate. Thanks for your suggestion anyway though.
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