Importing models. HELP.

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I need to know if it is possible to import models from a different engine. So if i wanted to take player or weapon models from a different game, could I somehow put them in the source engine (CSS)? And would this mean re-animating? Also, how difficult it is to do this (if at all possible)? Finally, I have looked high and low for tutorials on this, but I have found nothing useful at all! So if it is possible, I also need a link to a tutorial or something please. Sounds a little too demanding? Well, for those who forefill this request (so to speak) will recieve many points, (although I am unfamiliar with the points system, infact I have never really used it). This is the clearest and best phrasing I could find to help you guys (and girls) understand the problem. Thanks in advance.


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    It's simple but can be hard. I had a tutorial on this but it got removed because a special SOME ONE didn't like me telling other people how to do it.

    Take the model that you want to go into another game, decompile it using a modeling program, decompile the default model froom the game you want to put the other one into, open up the default model's reference.smd (IF HALF-LIFE/SOURCE ONLY) then import the other model, delete the old, then move the new model where the old was, then assign the vertexes to the bones. Save/compile/done.
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