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I've heard other people using it on servers, but every time I try to use it I just hear my own voice. how do I get voice_inputfromfile to work? I've made the sound file, put it in my cstrike/sound directory, named it to voice_input.wav, 16 bit 8 khz mono, and I have used this script : alias extoggle exon alias exon "voice_inputfromfile 1; voice_loopback 1; +voicerecord; alias extoggle exoff" alias exoff "-voicerecord; voice_inputfromfile 0; voice_loopback 0; alias extoggle exon" bind "x" "extoggle" but it just records from my mic, what do I do? I've tried changing it to 8 bit, I've tried putting it in my half-life 2 directory, and everything. even my cstrike directory instead of cstrike/sound :S



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