FPSB addiction to fpsgames

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I dont want to hear any flaming about this thread. I just want to know how addicted you are to fpsgames Tell me youre scale of addiction like this name scale from 1-10 and the game mine is: felcon 9/10 css Name/addiction/game: Felcon 9/10 css dctarga 7/10 "internet" Mr.ska 11/10 cs and cz and css and bf2 and dod and cod2 and q3 VictorRinaldi Css 2/10 (honestly)america's army 7/10 Doommarine23 1/10 css 2/10 cs Bigdog CSS = 0/10 CS = 5/10 birdman CSS = 4/10 CS = 1/10 DavidDivineD CS1.6 = 10/10 SGT_kick_ur_ass CSS = 9/10 CS = 1/10 Blunted Greco Css= 10/10 cs1.6= 7/10 ls?master CS 0/10 CSS 3/10 BF2 50/10 Slorg CS - 4/10 CZ - 0/10 CSS - 8/10 Llama Jenkins 7.5/10 wildx7even 3-4/10 for both 2Shaedee CS:S 4/10 Better updates coming soon to this thread.



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