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Best map to use a shotgun in.

A Forum Thread for Counter-Strike: Source

Of course, to be able to relate to what others say, it would have to be an official map. I love cracking skulls with an M3 in cs_office. And it's probably the only map I use a shotgun in too.


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    azagedon Joined 12y ago
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    For 1.6 my aim_m3 map ;)
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    Everyone loves elmo!
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    Well since there is no map with JUST short range i say all of them. Not including custom maps.
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    skyfire Joined 13y ago
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    Anything small, close quaters. those are the best maps for the m3 and listen for footsteps before coming around a corner.
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    get fuct!
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    SGT_kick_ur_ass Joined 13y ago
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    Turbosmooth dat shit.
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    Surf_leet_xl_beta_7z or any main version, if most of the people are going moderate speed (top speed is about finishing the map in less than twenty seconds). Actually, many, many surf maps are good for shotgunning, though I don't enforce using it, since you just aim in the general area, and poof, dead soldier. x.x
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    HAI 2 U FPSB


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Maiz Joined 12y ago
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