How can we make video?

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The question in the can we make skillz videos...with wich programm, wich function...? thxs


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    First you might want to record demos in CS:S by opening your console (while ingame) and typing
    Record yourdemoname

    When you wish to stop recording just type Stop in your console.

    Later on you can either convert the demos to AVI , which wil take alot of time, space, patience.
    Or you can use a screencapturing program to record from your demos. (Most common programs are Fraps and Gamecam).
    To playback your demo, start up CS:S and type this in to your console:
    playdemo yourdemoname

    This should load up your demo and start playing it. Then just use the the screencapturing program to record clips of it.

    Oh, and you might want to get familiar with this command:

    Basically gives you a few playback settings to play around with in your demos. Very helpful for making slowmotions scenes.

    When you have either converted your demos or captures clips of them, you´l just open them in a video editing program, such as Windows Movie Maker which you should have, and edit your footage, add music, add credits and titles...

    Movie Maker is pretty much a horrible editing program. It´s only good for very basic editing. You could try downloading a trial version of Sony Video Vegas or Adobe Premiere Pro, if you want something ALOT better.
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    You type record ''players name'' in console i think not sure tho


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