Hacker Owned on Teamspeak

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Hello fellow Gamers , As u all no we love an live for are counterstrike im no different to anyone here , but as u no there are some out there who tend to lean towards the dark side from time to time , . this is an audio file witch occurd over the weekend , some child hacker of the age of 15 decided he would hack are teamspeak an have some fun for himself , he caused a minor amount of damage but hade are teamspeak down for the nite witch caused some agravation to us fellow gamers who come together nite arfter nite for are love of counterstrike , One problem , he didnt hide his ip, so by the following morning we hade this guys , LOCATION , an i mean his location , hade his msn , his game name the lot , even hade the name of his school dont ask , the point about ths post is why come into someones game an hack someones server , anyway u have a listen to this little hacker get owned , he thought he would come into are teamspeak an play smart arfter hacking it , i hope u enjoy it an it may sound a bit mean at times but this kid deserves what he is getting , anyway hope u enjoy it oh my clan , hell my family of friends are called MWD .... Are game server ip MwD Source Public Server the link to the Audio file is been active for 24 hrs now enjoy .. http://media.putfile.com/owned-87-44



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