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Coolest Moment of CS:S (Post your own)

A Forum Thread for Counter-Strike: Source

Post the coolest thing that ever happened to you on counter strike source.Make sure they're only a paragraph long to allow people to read the whole thing without getting pissed off at you for being a complete retard that sits at his computer for hours writting s**t on these forums and has no life. I'll go first (Duh) So i was playin at a alright server with no hackers or gay admins. I was feeling kinda Awp-ish that day so i picked one up. I had a friend over that day who was MEGA annoying. when i was crouched behind a box with my Awp my friend slams on my mouse with his fist, it forces me to shoot and i got a double-kill headshot through a box.


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    highrollindeuce avatar
    highrollindeuce Joined 12y ago
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    Hmm either when i killed 5 CT's w/ 1 nade, made it to the end of surf_leet for the 1st time, or got the awp in xc_climbwars for the 1st time
    keepin' a laid back lifestyle avatar
    keepin' a laid back lifestyle
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    GhostNinja Joined 13y ago
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    Nothing is better then the time i killed 5 terrorists with a TMP on dust2 bombsite A. and i go to defuse the bomb, BOOM HEADSHOT, by the gay awper at long
    Pwning n00bs since 1999 avatar
    Pwning n00bs since 1999
  • 12y
    Well..i would have to say when the CT's were rushing CAT and me and my friend were camping so he peeks out and gets HS. So the 2 guys keep rushing and i jump out with my awp and DOUBLE HEADSHOT them with no hax or anyfing.
    I'm Runnin'. avatar
    I'm Runnin'.
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    //.exe avatar
    //.exe Joined 12y ago
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    My best ever was with an awp too lol, I was taking great care when I sneezed and killed 3 T's on Aztec; Thats gangsta =P I then fell off the bridge and died lol *shame*
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    Kr@zZy avatar
    Kr@zZy Joined 13y ago
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    I killed 5 people with a deagle In one round, (No reload.)
    or Kratz
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    mudfish Joined 12y ago
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    Liars... i have got to say... hmm.... oh yeahh... when i saw your grandmas bleeding anus and i drank her pussy juice cocktail :D
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    I have a life
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    Wicked Bassist Joined 13y ago
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    I was on aztec and i walked through the double ddors where the t's spawn and the walkway leads to the water and i shot a guy going for the room attached to the bridge in the head, turned shot a guy in the head and shot another guy in the with his head hardly poking out over a box.
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    S.T.A.R.S Punisher avatar
    S.T.A.R.S Punisher Joined 13y ago
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    Well....this isnt really something good but the time i was on the ct team and naded the whole team
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    I'm the asshole who flashbangs the enitre team at spawn :D Everytime I spawn its a good CS:S moment
    The Man, The Myth, The Legend
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    w3iner avatar
    w3iner Joined 13y ago
    I was in Aztec, several Cts were rushing bridge at start of round. My friends had died so I rushed into the T bridge room. Peaked out, and BOOM double head shot with a scout. I might of pistoled a few also. Happened awhile ago. I then got flanked and killed.
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    Pat the Baker avatar
    Pat the Baker Joined 13y ago
    2,047 points Ranked 2388th
    When im flashed and i have an m4... spin and hs everyone
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    blah blah


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