GSG-9,Spetsnaz, or someone else?

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I would love to see Valve release the spetsnaz model (From Condition Zero) Next instead of the GSG-9. Or if valve would like to spice up CSS they could add another ct group. Im all for adding The japanese SAT or The israels Sayeret Mat'kal. Both teams have had their famous moments plus they have cool uniforms. I would like to see the SAT especially because this game has alot of asian players and i think they would appreciate it. Israel would also be great because they have launched a shit load of Counter-Terrorism operations and many of them were successful.


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    Yea thatd be cool i togugbt they should surprise every1 by makin a spetsnaz mdl isntead of the gsg9 and artic make spetsnaz and milita i hope they chang sv consistency with next update i should write steam
    Maybe i'm back for a little wh avatar
    Maybe i'm back for a little wh


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