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Hi, I used to run a 1.6 server with my squad (Silent Platoon) and the server was always full at all times of day. Since the switch over to CSS we've had problems getting regulars in the public server's we've had for the past year. We have just switched over to NFO and was looking for another clan to split the cost of the server with. Your clan would get full admin, as would mine, with Live HLStatsX. I would also give your clan a subdomain (yourclan.silentplatoon.com) with some webspace if you need. We would split the cost of the public server (I'll pay for the HLStatsx). This will be a monthly commitment. So if your clan is looking for a Pub where you can be admins and call your own, and for half the price then contact me via these forums or email me. Think about it - two clans filling the server on a daily basis would bring in more regulars after a week or two. Contact me if you're interested - flipkid@silentplatoon.com or go to www.silentplatoon.com/forums



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