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When surfing on the net, I found this interesting piece of information that you may want to read. It's been written by Whisper, someone who loves CS: S and who is quite good at it. Whisper spent some time and wrote this guide for begginers. It is very comprehensive and it is an excellent resource for anyone who is completely new to the game. Read on!


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    That is really detailed and useful. Good for CS:S beginners. The wiki has buy codes! Each and every one of them. It explains what parts of the hud say.

    It is really in depth. Nice find!
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    That is amazing. I like when people take time to do helpfull things. Such as myself. I just sent him an e-mail to add Section 15: Why the head hitbox covers your whole body, and them some; and Section 16: why CS:S is a waste of your money ;). I jk its a great guide for new players.
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