Day of defeat 1.3 Section

A Forum Thread for Day of Defeat

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Whos the one in charge of this section?Theres alot of things missing or useless....At the begining i though RedT was in charge of it,but i think hes not taking care of this section anymore....


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    It's RedK.
    We're only keeping tabs on the most recent games, that means 1.6 and source.
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    If this is for the DoD skins section, I only wanted it to get started. I added some stuff to it, but I also saw a lot of other people contributing (like you vi3trice). I can try to get the sections filled up, but I doubt I can. Like Kornven said, the site is still mostly revolving around 1.6 and source.
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    It's like Red Koolaid, but not


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