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well other day i was going to mah local internet cafe (((((my comp is broken))))))) and there were some noobs playing css there and something strange caught my eye was that there was names of guns on the screen every were raf.ak usp...etc i thort wtf plugin or from update (((had been wile since i playd)) so wile it was updating i watchd em for a bit with out em knowing and saw that when a ct (there were t) was in the nxt room it would show up i laughd at the hackers then when he came out and the aim bot grabd hold of that head he started spaming with awp no scope....it wassnt that good aim bot so he diddent get kill rofl pulled out deagle and finaly got him.......he tabd to see were on list he was...i caught severs name :) so i joind lol and using my excelent screen cheating abilitys i saw were he was walkd out let him try and unscope awp me then i scope scouted him :) lol he was xtreamly pissd and started calling me hack then he told his friend (comp nxt to him) to start hackign aswell (with the mic the internet cafe kindly surplyd) me i told my team they were hacking. suddenly ahole lot of spectators joind... they diddent notice it was......they thort they tured there flash hack was working so they ran right in to the middle of dust got fully flashd ...and cts had rushd all entry points i tured around to see there screens flicking to all sides catching heads... got there acounts perm banned :) did this in a few more servers internode gamspace axion some oversease ones....then they final figured out after seeing my name in maulitble survers that it was me (we had playd a lan game earlyer) and they tried to smack me up but because im so 1337 i ran :) lol



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