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I'm actualy working on a movie for the CAL-M team RSQ. I just finished the trailer and I want to know what you think of it: . Done with Sony Vegas 6, Sony SoundForge and Fraps. All comments and critiques are welcome :) .


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    Nice, i liked it, but can you be nice enought to tell me the name of the song, it remind me of that new kinds movie that came out. its good.
    Cant wait till the final movie comes out!
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    A very well edited film, nice music, but if that was me i would some eternal darkness like music on there that would sound more ownage like. But you went for T3H UB3R 1337 HAX0R way which which is better than my way.
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    It's Requiem of a Dream of the Lord of the Ring soundtrack.

    Thx for the good comments :) .
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    Very nice!
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