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This is a request thread. If you have something original or cool that you'd like to see, post it. I'm not a skinner, so I'm hoping some will read this and get some fresh ideas. My first request: I'd like to see a water pistol model for the p228 with the squirt sound and complete bright color green or red plastic. That would be hilarious. I don't really need to see the water, but the sound and the look would be quite satisfactory. Other neat ideas: Crossbow for an awp. A rock for a frag grenade. Chrome world models. :P Watches on arms. 8 ball for frag, or billiard balls for grenades in general. While I'm at it, pool stick for a knife. Just a sharp stick for a knife, with jabbing animations.


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    I would love a like double oval around the Cross ahirs. It cout be like a dot surroned by a oval and a inch or so away another one. it would be cool.


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