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Ok, I have been downloading skins from this website for about 3 days now, and occasionally I get the message: This server enforces the consistency of file usp or something like that. That is ok. But today I went on steam and tried to join a server, and it said I could not connect to a secure server or something like that... is this because of my skins? It hasn't happened once for the month I have had CS:S, but now, three days after I downloaded a glock, usp, deagle, m4, bullpup, and other skins, I cannot log onto VAC secured servers... is this a problem with my skins or just a glitch in my game and it will go away. Please help me! (they give me a link to a site for reasons why I might not be connecting, but it is all about internet connections and firewalls and I haven't changed any properties on my computer since I got this game, so it should work the same...)


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    It's an error on valve's part. just log out of steam, and back in. I got this.
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    that doesnt work for me thoguh
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    Email Valve and tell them steam sux that usually helps.
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    HAHA, email valve, they answer Magazines and Good sites ... and importent people, check there site, they have a HUGE FAQ!!!!!! HUGE!!!!
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