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Little Known Exploit

A Forum Thread for Counter-Strike: Source

As a mapper, it is one of my hobbies to go through maps looking for exploits, secret areas, or nifty places/things that can be used to the player's advantage. Exploits are "mostly" unintentional parts of a map that can be accessed by performing either complex or simple tricks to give a player a slight advantage over those who choose not to use them. Most of the exploits I find have already been reported or else are commonly known amongst the CS population. Recently however, I discovered that hardly anyone knew of a very simple exploit on cs_assault for source. To Reach the usually unreachable place on cs_assault, follow these simple directions. *Go up the stairs (outside) to the upper train track. *Turn left and head away from the warehouse. *At the end of the track, look to the left. *Jump on the narrow balcony in front of the mesh fence. *Walk across the balcony and CAREFULLY jump around the bars. If done correctly, you should now have gained access to a great sniper ledge, and hiding spot. If done wrong, you should have anywhere from 30-70 health remaining to try again. - There are many exploits in CS, and I consider it my job to find them. I am currently working on a website to publish my findings. Until then, if you have an exploit that is unknown to most people and would be willing to share, send me an email at with the name of the map and how to find it. Thank you, SvOp


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    ya i found this 1 the day the map came out for css( i hosted my own server and had a little play around with it) its a good spot but only if the CT's are losing wich pretty much always happens on assault. im currently making a website with my dad wich is gonna be like a CSS training guid for begginers and im gonna record some videos of some secret sorta spots...ive seen a couple of trickjump videos but ive found alot more than what i have seen. if anyone noes of any uber spots that u think are really usefull than i would appreciate it ;)
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    I think theres another way to get onto that roof in assault. You need three people. Go to the alley right off of the CT spawn then get one person to crouch on the railing beside the stairs. Get the other two ppl up onto the sign then the box on the wall. Then jump onto the walkway. After that jump to the AC boxes on the wall. The second person onto the walkway jumps onto the guy on the AC then up to the roof. It's not practical but it still works. Also you can sort of climb up the wall on the opposite side of the glitch roof with lots of ppl. Jump onto the dumpster by the corner, then the street sign then onto the awning. Then get someone on the window sill and everyone else jumps up. That's a great vantage point for headshots. Also if you're on the roof of the warehouse. You can run then jump over the edge with the main door at like an 80 degree angle, almost parallel to the roof edge then land on another green roof where you get a great look straight down. And in case you didn't know theres a room with a boot underneath the CT spawn you can see with the free look camera mode.
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