Best Victory Ever-Literally

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Ok,this is a true story. I was camping the corner spawn of Terrorists on Dust and I was the last one alive. I was angry at the stacked teams so I camped lol. Well newayz I was sittin there,It was me on 5 guys. All I ha dwas a glock. 2 of them came around and miraculously I hot them bot and killed them! One of them had a scout and it literally flew into my hands. With my newfound confidence I ran out and saw 2 more guys. I shot randomly twice...and i swear on my life I killed them both. On of tehm had a ak,I picked it up,and killed the last guy winning it for my team.....that was the greatest win of my life


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    oh i c
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    nemes1s' twin brother
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    Why did you steal my story?

    Just keepin' it fresh.
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    lol no offense but that's a pretty lame story. Heres mine. I was playing dust2 and i was afk at the start of the round. My team got owned and it was just me on seven guys. It was too late to buy so i had just a glock but i also had the bomb. I went towards B and got someone from behind, he only had about twenty health and i took his m4. There were two ppl at B and i got headshots on them. I went forwardsa nd planted the bomb. Everyone else came running. I jumped through the double doors and got a headshot then had a crazy gunfight with someone else but we both missed completely then i knifed him. I hid for a second and another guy came through the door. I killed him with my glock and had one shot left. I rushed through the door and took a wild shot at the guy defusing and it got his head finishing him off when he was about an eighth of an inch away from defusing. I only had 3 health left. THAT was my best victory that i can think of but my best round was killing 9 ppl with 7 headshots. -Anthrax15
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    I'll put anthrax on your tampax.
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    It's like Red Koolaid, but not
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    yes..mine'll sound really bad but whocares

    I was alone in a server and these fuckfaces were stacking almost 6-1

    1 was afk so it was 5-1...

    i had bought a USP and ran out...they kept talking shit and typing so it was realtivly a matter of staying quiet

    I never stoped walking or crouching so a few of them are fucking around at T spawn and one comes looking for me...he stands by the boxes and i get a knife kill...lucky me

    then i chucked a grenade...FF was on so they fucking around kinda won me 2 nade kills

    then i have to c***munchers using auto-snipers

    so i'm pulling off the matrix and shit ducking back and forth between the tunnels ramp and the stairs...i was down to 30 health by the time i got to the first one

    all bruce norris or samuari stories aside i shanked one of them

    the other was reloading...and just to be an ass i turned and started walking to him...

    Lucky for me he dropped his auto sniper and his pistol on accident...and in the end i had 4 shanks and 2 nade kills

    though the afk doesn't me sam fisher
    I can't believe its not a Thom
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    I did same in a match, but it was me with a glock VS them with awps and M4.
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    i killed a guy irl


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