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What Programs Do You Use For Weapon ...

A Forum Thread for Counter-Strike: Source

I just need someone to tell me what is the best program to use to make your css weapon skins, becasue im stuck, so somone please tell me what programs are the ones to get, and if its not to much trouble, you can leave a easy, step by step tortorial on how to get started :D:D:D:D THANKS!!!!!!!!!!


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    MeTH Joined 13y ago
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    I'd say Softimage XSI.
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    Riko Joined 13y ago
    i use photoshop
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    Zacker Joined 16y ago
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    Could you please decide whether you want to make a model or a skin? That is two very different tasks. There is another active skin/model thred, you should check out that one. | Project Lea
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    Naryan Joined 13y ago
    to skin i use photoshop cs2 they turn out crap but thats cuz im a crap skinner no cuz of the software and i tried to model once using milkshape but again that turned out shit so i stopped. i like both programs but i cant model/skin for my life EDIT: oh yeah if u want to skin in photoshop u have to download a plugin to open .VTF files (google it)
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    Eraser Joined 14y ago
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    No, you have to convert your skin to a targa using RAiDEN's VTF2TGA
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    Yea!! What he said!! You stupid... stupid head!! :)
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