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alright man, so i was talkin to my mum a while back. and she was like hey man im not gonna send you to college or university anymore since ur gonna do music anyways, college or university would be pointless. and i dont see any rock stars who go to university or college, so whats the point. plus ill save money. so then i was like ok.... then i thought to myself. wow im such a disappointment. and im like thinkin you know what fuck it, im goin to college or anyways. im gonna try my very fuckin best to get into a college, and no matter how fucking useless, how fucking expensive, and how much likely i will get kicked out of it, im gonna try my fucking best. my mums given me so much and i just disappoint her. im a fuckhead. u know. wow holy fuck. so the point is man, none of you kids should ever be like shit or whatever to your parents man. no matter how hard they punish you, know matter how much they seem like they dont care about you, no matter what man love em. they gave you so fucking much. they gave you a will to live and all that crap. even if they abandoned you, you know its not because ur an ugly baby or you suck man, its because they love you and dont want you to suffer with their financial or slum. you know what im sayin. i know alot of you kids are parent hatin at this age and think your parents suck and all because oh i dont know, maybe the ground you, or dont like you playin video games. well they care about you man. they ground you because they dont want you gettin hurt. they dont want you playin video games because they hurt your eyes and arent all that great fro your health. so you know what, dotn hurt them. and no matter how fucking much you hurt them theyll always love you man. see man i dont do drugs anymore cuz my mum didnt want me to, and she never knew i did em. and she was like ok just promise me one thing, please dont do drugs. and it hought tomyself fuck man fuck man FUCK. and then yea. its about time you cool kids start payin em back man, not wait till theyre retired and dieing and all that shit. theyre good people man. see man no matter how much u hurt them theyll always love you. so repay them, no matter how much they hurt you in a way u feel hurt, always love em man. this world is all about love man, loev and peace, and great music.
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    Hen... Nahasa... your not 22. Your 15. Youve become a dumbass, go away.
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