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bad fps

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For christmas i got a 128 mb 9600xt as an upgrade. I didn't change any of my parts besides the card. My old card was a 64 mb 4 year old geforce. it turns out i was getting much better FPS with my old geforce. It could of been the omega drivers I had on it, but I doubt it. When I did the video strett test my average was about 130. With the same settings on my 9600xt i get about 60. Wtf is up this. I think I should be getting much better fps with the new card. Any ideas?


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    Ya man something up like in some other posts i have read they all deal with the same issue switching vid cards and not seeing the results you probalby are gettin like around 150 and above but it may not be reading right cuz your computer may still think you have the old card in place so somethings changed unless you yourself see a dramatic difference which i hope you don't see with a new card like you got jumping from your old geforce to a 9600XT so tell me if you see a differnce when you change some settings around you may get a boost in setting say changing textures from low to med now ect try changing some things run the stress test and tell me what you got!
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    I doubt you would get 130 with a 64mb gefore unles you had like a 3.6gghz processor with a gig of 3200 ram, so I don't know where you pulled that number out of, but you probably didn't uninstall allthe old drivers, and with a 9600xt, you should be looking at around 60 fps anyways.


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