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Hi! I'm a rather new user of CS:Source, I tried to create a server so that me and my friends could play against eachother but It didn't work. See...I clicked on "Create a server" in the main menu of CSS, then I chose map and all other things and started it opened and I chose a side. Then my friends tried to find the server by using the filters but could not find it. So I pressed Esc and in the left upper corner there was an IP written. But it looked strange. It was so I gave it to my friends but they couldn't find any server with that IP. Then I gave them my IP but it didn't work. What am I doing wrong? Is there another way of creating a server? So you know I am using a router with built-in firewall. I would really appreciate it if someone could help me with this. Thanks in advance. :)


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    Also, if you want your server to show up in the list, you gotta put sv_lan = 0. But someone has to join it first before it shows up in the list. What I do is go into the listenserver.cfg file and add sv_lan 0 in it. If sv_lan is already there, just change it to a zero instead of a one and save it, then you start your server your server will instantly be visible in the list.
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    Type status in console when the server is created, then it'll give you the real IP. Give that to them and enjoy.
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