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hey guys i was just wondering if every1 has this problem when i shoot glass in css i see little white lines eveyrwere kinda sux and i knwo im missing the model because i see an error in my console and another thing im missing models for fy_poolday it looks like i have wallhax!!!!!!! heres a screen shot of it and my console


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    I think you forgot to install the material files of poolday. Just download it again.
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    If this only happens in poolday, then it seems you have a messed up version of it. I suggest deleting the map completely and downloading it elsewhere. But, if it happens in every map like I think it does, then re-install like nemmy said.
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    Re-installing pretty much helps, or have you already tried that?

    As for poolday, yes you're missing alot of files, I don't know how the hell you're still playing it.
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