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GW Films, a leading machinima film group, is looking for some new talent to help us with upcoming Half-Life 2 projects. GW Films has been together for over two years and has developed numerous projects in the past. A "Film? wtf" you say? Yes, machinima films are a great alternative to developing a full blown MOD to show off your talents. They are shorter to develop, require no long term commitment, yet get huge community responses and attract even audiences outside the gamer realm. They also make great resume items (wink wink, Mojo mapped for Militia2, now works at GearBox ;) Any position firstly involves research and development, and will eventually lead to another film project such as the works found on HL2 obviously offers much more sophisticated content options than HL1, so you can expect these new films to surpass anything previously done. Making a machinima film (film inside the HL2 engine) is somewhat like developing a HL2 mod, minus the long term commitment and ample programming code. So, if you're a programmer, mod developer, or 3D modeler / animator please drop an email to (remove "_nospam_") - it would be great to hear from you!


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