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Hi, got most of my binds the way I like but would like to add a few more but I can't remember the bind names for the guns. Anyone know of a site that shows a picture of the gun and it's bind name (not the in game name, but the name you would use for binding i.e. Desert Eagle = deagle). Picture is nice cause some guns I can't remember which is the one I want by its name... ...or can someone just tell me the BIND names for: The big old slow shooting shot gun ($1700 I think) The cheapest T assault rifle, spray gun people refer to it as... The nices T assult rifle, the ones that around $5,000 The nicest CT rifle (not the awp the other one) Thank, Vanz


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    I love it how you give us these lame ass descriptions, because your to f00kin lazy to get into cs and check the name.

    I'm at work, some of us have to work for a living and can't sit at home all day living off mommy and daddy playing cs any time of the day. I was planning on writing my autoexec.cfg file at lunch then I can play when I get home at night (couple hours if I'm lucky). When I say nicest I mean most $$, I thought your pea brain could figure that much out, especially since I even provide the gun cost (only one weapon worth $5000). I love it how you spend the energy to post only negative comments based on your false assumptions... and your an admin, nice example...

    Also, I was leaning more toward a url where I could look up the info myself. Did end up actually finding a decent one :

    Thanks Eraser I appreciate the try, I'll give it a try tonight and if it doesn't work I'll just adjust tomorrow...

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    slow shooting gun > m3
    cheapest t ar > galil
    nicest t ar > sg552 or ak47
    nicest ct > aug or m4a1


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