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FUN server ip: Rulez: No Killin :m4: :sig552: or planting bomb! *THE BOMB HAS BEEN PLANTED!* NO HACKERS! A gay n00b:DAMN YOU HACKERS AND YOUR WALL HACKS! info: when u push all objects they go crazy FUN SCALE: 10/10! gravity set to 100 FUN SCALE 5/10 Cheats allowed FUN SCALE 7/10 AND a LOTZ MORE! It REALLY FUN! Check it out sometime im startin it right now! Tested Server It Will Work And It Is Fun Better Then Playin Deathmatch anyways!


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    Stop. Think. Whats wrong with taht IP? oh yeah its your home IP, how the hell are we supposed to connect (your computer consideres its own IP to be


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