System requirements, im fine U?

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People have been saying that with their l33t comps they cant play CS:S well mine's not the bomb but with: GeForce 4 mx 420 512 ddr ram p4 2.2 i can run CS:S on 1024 X 768 with all the settings on the highest and still have 60 fps the lowest it goes is 35-40 fps same as CS:CZ and my ping is always 50 - 80 on adsl - 256k. I dont really gey why all these comps that are so much better than mine cant run at more than 10 fps when players are on screen. One funny thing is that every person that has had this problem has had some sort of Radeon :eek: i was gonna get a new Radeon card when HL2 came out but now i think i might go GeForce :confused:


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    H3ADHUn73R Offline
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    3.0 gghz
    1 gig pc 3200 ram
    100 gig hard drive
    ATI Radeon 9800 pro

    65-85 fps on high settings.

    No problems yet with running cs:s.
  • 13y
    [JMU]$n!per avatar
    Member Joined 13y
    Not me

    3.2ghz HT
    9800PRO 128mb DDR
    1 Gig Memory
    80gig HD

    I run the game at 4x AA and 4xAF, get a constant 85fps with an occasional drop into the 70's. :D
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    RageXIII Offline
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    My only problem is the lack of memory... I got a Radeon... I could run it, just takes close to forever to load a damn game.


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