Half-Life 2 ending

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Hey, I know I'm gonna get a lot of shit from everyone for this, but I don't care. Does anyone know a web site that reveals the hl2 dialogue from the mistakenly released .gcf file? I have an absolutely shitty computer (450 MHZ + 4 MB video card) and I do not see myself ever getting a new computer, or owning half-life 2 in the next 6 (at least) years.


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    dont get a new computer, upgrade!
    new mobo!
    new processor!
    new graphics card!
    new ram!
    new soundcard(or mobo onboard sound)
    plus all the other essentials.
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    I did have a job in a deli, but I kept cutting my fingers, and the schedule wasn't the best. Anyways, I get a 50 dollar allowance per month. Regardless, I don't think I could get approval from my parents for purchasing a computer. Getting back to the topic at hand, can anyone give me a web site with the hl2 story?
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    why don't YOU get a new computer. get a job m8.
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    'Cause it's an impulse buy. I would really only be using it for gaming, and I don't think my dad is willing to spend at least one thousand bucks for a new rig for that reason. He doesn't like how I'm always playing CS, and hence would probably laugh at the idea of getting a new computer.
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    why cant you get a new computer?


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