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mate has hl2 beta of 2003

A Forum Thread for Counter-Strike: Source

i couldnt believe this My mate has downloaded the HL2 beta demo. Now i'm not saying that it is legal or anything, i dont know enough about those things, but he got it from a bit-torrent and it wieghed at 1.4gb. it is all of last yrs stuff, coz its only beta so keep that in mind.... and yes it is pretty buggy in some places (crashing in some places, AI fcucking up) but all the basic stuff is there isnt it? it looks ok, sumtin new and better than nothing (not posting anything to do with dl links or any direction to it, just to be safe)


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    please can we get a mod in here, I really didnt' need to know that bullsquids where back in hl2. At least UNTIL I HAD HL2!!! or barnacles. WHY DID YOU RUIN IT FOR ME!!!!
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    ugly. what can you expect though? that was a year ago and the first screenshot looks like the map isn't even complete yet. Plus, your friend's computer might suck.


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