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The removal of an approval system... - A Forum Thread for Friday Night Funkin'

Quality is questionable

So first and foremost, please excuse any formatting errors, as GameBanana on mobile doesn't appear to like saving formatting when I actually post something. Anyway.

I'm just gonna say it. The removal of an approval system for mods has kinda made the mods worse. Sure, there's still good mods out there, it's just that some of the mods out there look like they're made by 9-12 year olds. Some are blatant reposts or otherwise of other mods or their content. Hell, it's not likely you'll find the uploaders crediting the original authors of the mods they're using assets from, instead only crediting themselves and nobody else. It's honestly kinda terrible.

Now, like I said, there ARE good mods out there. Take a mod like You Can't Pan. It's a good mod based off the Sonic.exe mod. The Sonic.exe mod devs are even credited there as a single group entity. Now take any recently released mod such as this one, which I'm linking because it'll be easier to link than to type out the name. The only credit is for the uploader. At the time of posting this, I already flagged the mod with the credit issue in mind, as well as it lacking any description of what you can expect from it.

All in all, mods are kinda all over the place in terms of quality, and the approval system kinda helped keep the better quality mods more prominent.
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    it does help mods withhold/delete the submissions easily so that's the point basically...
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