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Just some bugs - A Forum Thread for Super Smash Bros. Crusade

why did i create this thread..

Although i like this version, i've encountered some bugs and strange things that happens in this game, i did make this thread to talk about some bugs and crashes with characters or others i've found, which i hope it will be fixed in the future (or not)..

Ghost Hits
ghost hits are basically attacks with no type of knockback, only damage, happens with most with one or two attacks being ghost hits (sometimes, even on a character that doesn't have it), mainly King Dedede, half of his attacks are ghost hits.

Missing Final smash
this is more of a missing feature than a bug, either way, some characters like Scott (Crazy) and Renamon have missing final smashes, could be fixed or not depending on the situation.

Bugged/Lagged Final Smash
this one is a blast, since some chars have final smashes that don't work, crashes the game or even worse than that, like Ganondorf's final smash lags the game (maybe because of my old cpu?), Cj's just doesn't appear and bugs the game completely, Toad just freezes the entire match with his power block (forcing you to go back to the css), Skarmory being the worse, since he just throw feathers at you with ghost hits that lags the game a lot.

Sato hime?
for some reason, a character on this game just appears as mach rider, rather than Hime from Suguri, maybe because the bin is incorrect?

you can talk about some bugs you found on your experience with this game, i love how this game growed from a simple quantity to quality to something more, i hope it continues this way, and also a big thanks to everyone who created and modded this game, i just wish you all a happy new year.
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    When it comes to the missing final smashes part, that is because some characters were made without a final smash if that makes any sense to you.
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