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GameBanana Anniversary! :D - A Forum Thread for GameBanana.

Hello everyone! :D

So here we have, middle 2021 - 20 years ago (in 2001) GameBanana's first version was created, and also 10 years since GameBanana has this current name, the previous one was FPSBanana until 2011 as i know.

This is one of the best websites about mods and everything related to it i've ever found, the creators has done huge amount of work, many thanks to you for this awesome website :D

My very first visit here was in far 2013, soon after Black Mesa (Half-Life remake) has been released as a mod version and also thanks to lots of cool mods for it. So if not those awesome mods and this awesome website - i'd never be here i guess.

But i registered here quite recently, in middle 2020 (it was hell of a year, bruh). And my very first mod(-s) was created 4 months ago, you can check them out if you want ;)

So officialy i am here only 1 year. And when was your first visit ever, first registration, first submission, and what exactly brought you here (games, mods, something else)? Type it here if you all are interested of course.
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    Ah congratz on your near 1 year!

    I remember mine like it was yesterday. Around early 2017, the Smash 3DS Modding scene finally had their model import script and I was a GBATemp user at that time and can't wait to do imports. I only started modding Smash 3DS on January 15 and finished my first texture mod on January 27, 2017 (which later published on the 29th). A day after I published my mod on GBATemp, I later joined Gamebanana and submitted my first mod on the same day, along with two more. HERE HERE

    Now, I'm a Smash Ultimate Modder, a continue content creator on Youtube, and giving people advises and suggestions.
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    Interesting post.

    I guess, I kind of immediately made an account after finding out about this website? At that time, I was also new to mapping in CS: Source, so my intention at that time was perhaps to share my work... Although, due to how stupid I was... Let's say I wasn't able to comprehend and follow people's suggestions, I ended up trashing all of my work. 

    At this moment, I do regret doing that. I even had to ask admins to untrash some of those submissions, so that I can remake the map from scratch, while considering the suggestions that have been abandoned for a while.

    Now, I still make maps for CS:S, but I gotta say I miss the times when people are more active because I get to receive feedback/comment on my maps more frequently.
    am a low tier mapper
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    i haven't reached FPSB that time but GB 2 years after the launch

    i am making a GUIs in CS and HL and make friends with active people here that time

    but this couple of months is what i proud of because i can able to do the things somehow that i supposed to 7 years ago.

    the only regret i have is leaving this site for 6 years after my 2nd PC finally died.
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  • what brought me to gamebanana was the sonic 3 A.I.R mods and to also comment on others posts but to do the second reason i had to sign up which is exactly what i did ive been a memeber for a few weeks now but im loving this site im always looking for mods on what i want my version of sonic 3 A.I.R to become and if i like a mod enough or see a thread that interests me ill post a comment on it i actually became a member 2 days before my b-day as well and i have a youtube channel and on my channel the content i feature so far is kirby,pokemon,crash bandicoot,super smash bros and more! and in the future mario games are coming to my channel!
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    gamebanana is old lmao
    worlds sexiest toaster
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    Nice. I had another account before this when it was still called csbanana but I can't find it so I'm stuck with this pleb account
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