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Sonic Adventure Chaos Mod!

A Forum Thread for Sonic Adventure DX (2004)

A fun idea for a mod, to play with constant organized randomization!

By chaos, I'm not talking about our favorite watery boy or the emeralds. I'm referring to the GTA V chaos mod that has been getting popular in a couple of circles. Because of my familiarity with that mod, and my recent interest with the modding community of this game, I've realized the potential this game has for a similar thing. Chaos mod for you Sonic fans, is a mod for GTA V that applies a different effect to the game each 30 seconds, and it is super fun to watch or play! And of course, you can change it to 15 seconds or any amount you like, and certain types of effects have timers
to toggle the effect off to not have the game eventually become unplayable, and a mod like this could be super fun, IMO, in this game! And after seeing the variability in the game, the effects modders have added, and the codes that already exist, the possibility of this working doesn't seem far fetched. Even by design, since the types of effects that make Chaos mod fun, already exist in the game or in a mod or code of it, so it should mostly be a matter of compiling, randomizing, and toggling them. You can watch a vid of GTA V Chaos mod, if I'm not explaining this well.
Effects that alter the gameplay, like swapping the players character, decreasing or increasing gravity, flipping gravity, spawning in enemies or hazards, spawning a random companion, limiting the players movement, playing with the player's physics, randomly inflicting damge on the player (or even enemies) or buffing them, and teleporting objects to the player or the player to a random location on the map or even teleporting them a few meters away.
I'm positive these are possible with certain codes and mods. And there are effects that would be even easier to apply, like simply changing the music or changing a model or playing with the players vision, for example a funny random effect could be to play the windy valley theme, or temporarily change the player's model to Eggman, randomly turn them into Super Sonic, spawn a circle of angry robot monkeys or a spike ball hazard or a spring, or even just immediately killing the player! And ideally, the player could even choose to play this with a configured randomizer as well! Most of the effects I mentioned would probably have to be temporary.
The possibilities are endless if we could get this to work, the problems seem to be that toggling effects like this could mess with the game and make it crash, I assume constantly toggling effects like these on and off could give you a lot of problems with running the game, and probably tons of problems with coding such a system. You'd also probably need to add an interface in the side of the screen to let the player know which effects are in action and how much time they have left if they're temporary. In theory, this shouldn't be that hard considering we are able to have such effects under the control of the player, so having them not control it shouldn't be difficult, but I do not know how this could go in practice. This idea just seems very childish and ambitious, but I thought it would be good to throw it out there to have it be discussed by the people who know more, and hopefully get considered.
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    I don't know if you've heard of the mod "Randomizer" for SADX, it does the same thing you're asking for in this thread, with the only difference that it only changes when you complete a level, it's source code so anyone can edit it, maybe you can achieve what you're explaining.
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