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How can I remove muzzleflash of any gun? - A Forum Thread for Counter-Strike: Source

Yo, so recently while playing CSS the muzzle flash has become really annoying. I saw that in some silenced skin, its removed which is super nice. I would really like if you guys could tell me how to remove muzzle flash from any gun?
Now something to notice, I have literally 0 experience with doing stuff like this, i dont even know any ancronyms or stuff haha, so please if you can, make it simple xd
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    Either replace the muzzleflash sprite with a texture that has the alpha channel completely blacked out (rendering it invisible), or decompile the skin in question and recompile it without the muzzleflash attachment.
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    Rev up those G-Diffusers.
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    Go to main weapon ...Scripts... directory or custom directory..(where is your weapon script located)

    example-open the script file weapon_ak47.. in wordpad or other editor...then you will see there all weapon features etc

     Find line

    "MuzzleFlashScale" "1.6" (there could be set any other numbers, bigger number makes bigger size of muzzle) ....simply set line to "MuzzleFlashScale" "0"  then save file and everything should work very fine :)
    if you also have this line there,

    "MuzzleFlashStyle"  "CS_MUZZLEFLASH_X"
    just simply ignore it  ....or you can also remove it from file ..this line will not make any effect ingame..

    i hope this helped :)
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    It should (?) possible, but each of those weapons will have to inherit the properties of either the silenced variant of the USP/M4, or the properties of the TMP (might be possible through the usage of weapon_*.txt files).

    Modifying the 'scale' of the muzzle flash will more than likely not work, as per testing already done by ElysiumLeoSK here. Changing the style to 'none' or removing the line completely might work.

    In my case, I actually had to add the muzzle flash for the TMP (as in-game, the model doesn't have one, and my mod replaces it with the MP9, an un-silenced version.) This was done by adding a line in the weapon_tmp.txt file that changes the muzzle flash style to the default one that can be found on various weapons (not the 'x' style).

    If anything, from a modder's perspective - decompiling and removing the muzzle flash attachment (I think they're on the CS:S models? Not 100% sure) and recompiling it without changing anything else might be the answer to your needs. But doing so will result in them becoming 'custom' models, thus not working on servers with unmodified, restricted sv_pure values.

    Then again, if all of this is wrong, someone correct me, or provide better insight.
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