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Best sites for textures

A Forum Thread for GameBanana

While this is a question in a sense, this is more like a public recommendation of what sites are good for finding textures the right dimensions for engines like GoldSrc. I'm making this thread not just in my favor but in favor of everyone else needing to find a go-to site for textures.

I tried creating a test .wad of textures I found off only for some of them to be skewed to the bottom right and upper left. Not cool. I also do not like how limited is. Does anybody have other choices for getting free textures that will work in GoldSrc?
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    Honestly I always search textures in duckduckgo images. Everything's in the way you write what you want... But if I had to name sites they would be the most obvious.

    This site has free textures and if you want to you can donate money:
    Also it has good examples of how the textures look when they use them.

    In this one you got to log in:

    This one is free:

    This one is not free but it has a free textures section:

    There are more sites but those are the ones who looked better in the first page of the search.
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    If you're getting images from any website you must convert and may need to rescale them. Your texture must meet these following requirement:

    1. 256 colours only *1
    2. Ensure that the width and height are 2 to the power of x *2
    3. Save as BMP

    • *1 - Photoshop: Image>Mode>Index Colour, see image
    • *2 - Best that the maximum is 256, so maximum is 2^8, it really doesn't matter if you have to meet 256x256, as along as either axis meets the 2 to power of X, you can have 256x16 or 32x2 etc.

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