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Flags; Deemed Needed Or Just Opinionated?

A Forum Thread for Sonic 3 A.I.R

Capture the flag and beat you with it isn't the answer.

Good day my fellow Angel Island dwellers; this is manager ChaosWeeb,

First, I know this is really the wrong thread to be doing this, but I'd like to welcome mcginnis03 to the manager side of the page! They shall be just as of help to you all as I have been, so make sure to share the love between both of us, as well as your fellow modders around you ;)

Now, down to the main part I'm writing this. Some recent submissions have been flagged for... well, ridiculous reasons. We here want to make sure all submissions are given critique in a form that won't target the user's ability to create mods. Yes, there is a rule in place that poorly made mods are deemed unsuitable for the site, with guidelines to follow, but listen. We do not tolerate people falsely flagging mods because of opinion (e.g. "Oh I didn't like it", "It's disgusting!"). Just because you don't like it doesn't mean others agree with you. You also need to know that those flags and words can hurt people, and make them lose motivation to strive to be better. I know this may sound weird and childish but its the harsh truth. If you see a mod you don't like, instead of flagging it, maybe consider leaving some great words of advice on how to make it better.

The only times you should flag a mod is if it breaches the guidelines of GameBanana. If its missing screenshots, very poor quality, or just lacks a description, that is when you can take the action you have in your power. Thank you for your understanding.

Kind regards;
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  • WareWaMessiahNari avatar
    WareWaMessiahNari Joined 5mo ago
    Lurkin rn my g
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    CW, I'll let you know, the fact that I have honestly not flagged any mod for AIR as of yet :/, I did do a couple of Mania mods tho, the criteria's I commonly flag are:
    Low effort Descriptions
    Lacking Screenshots
    I also usually ask them to add the changes and if they don't, oh well >:]
    Living Meme
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  • Its Lego avatar
    Its Lego Joined 3mo ago
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    you forgot the exemplary post, also, excellent post
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    Spidergrear username pic Joined 4mo ago
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    Just a Modding Team
    Yesterday BlackSwordman flagged 2 mods (or more) with invalid reasons,he already cancelled 1 but 1 still being flagged
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ChaosWeeb username pic Joined 2y ago
S3AIR Manager
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