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So I believe I’ve logic’d out my issue.

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“Took some time away, and found a potential solution.”

So I posted a 2 questions a few days back in regards to a model edit I was working on. The model itself was largely complete, with only minor issues that I ended up touching up quickly. My last issue came down to the models rigging, as the model splice left a lot of things, primarily vertices, free or undefined. I didn’t really know what to do, and to be honest I’m still not entirely sure what I have to do. But I think I have a track of logic that may help:

I reasoned out that each of vertices on the original model were mapped/grouped to a specific bone. This bone moves all the vertices at once and allows for motion on the model. That much became fairly logic. The issue, or at least I think the issue is, was that due to splicing one model’s parts with another, there are a lot of free floating vertices on the model that don’t have the right bones attached to them, or the bones they were attached to don’t exist anymore.

I think, and this is a massive spitball honestly, that my best bet is to reimport the original model, and use that, with it’s original bone  structure, as the basis to remap the free floating vertices on the model. If I can do that, I think I can make the model actually work, and not just look pretty.

Does anyone think this makes sense? For people with model swapping and rigging experience, am I on the right track? Is there any advice I can get on this if I’m not thinking of this the right way?

If any images are necessary for anyone to see, I can post a reply with imgur links.


> Figure out how to rig vertices to the bones High Priority > Try not to break everything more. High Priority > Line up new/free floating vertices appropriately with the correct bones > See which vertices connect where on the original model
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    You're going to want to import the model you are planning on replacing, and only use the skeleton from that. If you keep the original model open in another instance of your modelling program (ie Blender), then just go through and compare how they rigged each mesh, and copy it as closely as you can on your new model.

    In Blender, you'll be working in the "Weight Painting" mode. First, you add vertex groups that have a name that matches the bone you want the vertices to be affected by . Then, you set the weight to the value you want, then paint it onto each vertex. Enabling "show wire" to see where the vertices are to make painting easier. I'm sure you can look up real Blender tutorials to pick up more tips as you go.

    If you want to see the bone movements in action in Blender, add a "deformation" modifier to your mesh, and select the skeleton that should control it. Then select the skeleton and use the "Pose" mode to move or rotate the bones you want to see move. This can help you get an idea of how it'll look in game.
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