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Name all the tool textures you know

A Forum Thread for Counter-Strike 1.6

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As the title says. Name all the tool textures you know for mapping, not the classic ones, just the "new" ones, like BEVEL, NULL, ETHEREAL, etc.
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    Wally isn't new, but is easy to use. Just drag and drop.
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    Sky - texture to make, obviously, the sky. If you'll paint a whole brush with sky texture then it will emit light (light_enviroment entity), if only one - editor will just ignore that face and won't compile it. Was used before ZHLT to optimize maps.
    Null - ZHLT special texture. Working same as sky but without light. Use it for optimize maps.
    Trigger (or AAATRIGGER) - a special texture for brushed non-solid entities and triggers which are invisible in game.
    Clip - texture used for making invisible non-solid brushes but not passable for players/npc/etc. func_illusionary are just brushes without clips (tho it's not totally true). There are some specifications of that texture in J.A.C.K. (like croach clip or big size clip) but I've explained it's basic function.
    Origin - center of rotation. Used for making rotating doors, vents, etc.
    Note that you should texture your origin/clip brushes completely or else it won't compile properly.
    Hint/Skip is used for visibility separation. I bet there are more functions for them, but I don't know anything about them except that one. If you'll search in internet you probably will find a better explanation and tutorial how to use those textures.

    That's all I know.
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    The "classic ones" assume: AAATRIGGER, CLIP, SKY, ORIGIN, SKIP and HINT. So I won't explain those.

    NULL -> "nodraw" texture. Basically, any face with this texture gets completely deleted from the final map after compiling. As such, it won't produce any wpolys. It still does produce clipnodes though. It is pretty useful in the map editor as well (if you're using J.A.C.K.), because you can toggle rendering of NULL faces in the 3D view.

    CLIPHULL1 -> generates collision only for the standing player clip hull. This means it'll be solid if the player stands, but the player will pass through it while crouching
    CLIPHULL2 -> generates collision only for the big monsters hull. This is unused in CS 1.6 AFAIK
    CLIPHULL3 -> generates collision only for the crouching player hull.

    BEVEL -> similar to NULL, except it doesn't "expand" its clipnodes outwards. It is used for certain situations like removing the "bump" at the top of a ramp, by applying this texture to the common face between the ramp and the brush touching the ramp. In other words, if you have beveled edges in your map, you should use this texture there.

    !CUR_0, !CUR_90, !CUR_180, !CUR_270, !CUR_UP and !CUR_DOWN (accepts suffixes), while not an actual tool texture, it's pretty obscure and it makes automatic water currents. Worth mentioning. ;)

    CONTENTWATER -> marks a brush with water contents. Said brush will lose collision data (become non-solid), BUT, it will get a special property: a single face will end up being two-sided, meaning you can see that same face from behind and from the front. Read more about it here.

    SOLIDHINT -> acts like HINT except it doesn't affect VIS/portal generation. Instead, it directly affects how HLBSP subdivides geometry. Potential uses are in terrain etc.

    BOUNDINGBOX -> judging from the name, this should define a bounding box around an associated brush entity. Almost all the time, you probably won't even need to use this. Didn't test it, so...

    TRANSLUCENT or any texture beginning with @ -> a very rarely used texture, which acts like CLIP but apart from supposedly blocking players, it also blocks bullets. In my tests, it was actually non-solid, can't remember if it blocked bullets.
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