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Something important i want to say.

A Forum Thread for Baldi's Basics

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I'm not sure why i should be going into detail since i'm for sure most baldi modders know this already, but recently, the baldi section has had dramas, poorly made mods, and bad behavior, and definitely a lot of rule violations, tom the owner of gamebanana said that wasn't going to fly anymore, so he gave us a warning, he doesn't necessarily want to shut down the baldi section since there is a lot of behaved and mature users on this site, but he can if he wanted to because of all the spamming, drama, etc.

This site has been almost around for 20 years and tom has never shut down a section before due to bad behavior, and the reason why i think it's only baldi usually having a lot of dramas and bad behavior is because most a lot of kids are only into baldi, pretty much nothing else and they would also just spam with threads or poorly made mods just so they could get points, and also, whenever they get their mods removed, or their fake threads removed, they usually will get pissed at gamebanana for doing it so and possibly even drop the f bomb on gamebanana. (i've literally seen it before).

This is what i've been wanting to say for a while now, i think we could at least improve the section if this didn't have so many threads, polls, and sounds, i'm telling you guys a lot, LOTS of them are very unnecessary and not needed, some of them just have sounds of previews of their next mods or just a custom sound from baldi, this is what i think is not needed, i haven't really been seeing poorly made mods nowadays, since i know mini talked about it 9-10 months ago or so, which is a good thing, but it didn't really stop the bad behaved kids or the drama that's been happening, or the threads and such.

And yes, i know, the threads polls and sounds are allowed on gamebanana and they aren't against any rules but i feel like it's usually a "happens too often" thing, like if you literally take a look at the whole baldi section, i think you can see that there are more threads than actual mods on the baldi section, the baldi section is mostly for mods, not just a bunch of threads.

Seriously, we don't need polls or threads of you asking questions like "what's your favorite mod from me?" or "should i just leave gamebanana?", not to mention the questions and stuff are in the wrong category,  that doesn't improve the section what so ever, even some baldi modders say that the section needs to take up a step.

Unfortunately, it sounds like though there's more questions of code or decompile help cause baldi with coding or decompile seems to have a lot of issues nowadays, and i know THIS is a thread, but i'm just trying to give fair criticism of how (at least i think) we can improve the baldi section more. please, LESS threads, polls, and sounds...
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    Hey I'm 100% not against this but I don't think you should post this because Danial's gonna remove it for "spam" 
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    Thank you for posting this. I am glad more and more Baldi modders since reading the Shutdown warning are working together to uplift the section by encouraging everyone to be more aware of the rules and identifying spam. If people do not want to follow our rules they are free to leave and join another site for Baldi - we really do not want these people on GameBanana any more, as it has caused too many problems for too long. So I hate to say this but we welcome their departures and hope the maturity level will increase in the coming weeks and months, allowing the section to avoid closure.
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    I overly agree. Also, don't forget the spammy version categories in the Game files and WiP sections.
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    Totally agree. Don't forget to mention that there are some who started making a new game title even though it's still Baldi modding. Like really, why make a Baldi hack its own game when it's literally the same premise as the original game.

    And there are others keep saying "k" or "I don't care" every time they get a feedback.
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    woah, that's really REALLY dark. Kids these days just never learn do they? Hopefully we can just use support tickets in case some idiot starts attacking
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    I agree too. This section is mostly for posting mods for everyone to play. Not for posting Threads, polls and sounds. I mean that we can still post those stuff but just don't do it too much. Only if it's necessary or important. Also I kinda have a question though. Ever since I'm in this section for a long time now. I see the rule about Personalization which to be honest I have no idea what is Personalization means and what kind of behavior that count as Personalization. I need an answer for this so I can remember that because if I don't know what is Personalization means, I might accidently done something that count as Personalization.
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