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[Resolve] Nintendo copystikes my tutorial videos

A Forum Thread for Pokemon Sword & Shield

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So yeah. I was unexpected getting two copyright strikes by Nintendo for uploading a tutorial on texture modding the game and get the hidden pokemons. So rest in peace.

I won't be making any videos on Pokemon until my copyright strikes is gone. So for now, I'll be making a text guide on texture modding (or not because there are already written guides to do texture modding).

This is somewhat a warning to anyone who tries to make a tutorial video. Be careful and take care. Your luck will be reading text guides.

Edit: So video guides are back now. But for adding pokemons via PKHex, it will be written since I lost my video. Oe maybe not since adding pokemon on PKHex is pretty much the same as the 3DS ones.
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    Set the videos to private and only viewable by direct links, might help. What did they strike?
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    If I remember correctly, Nintendo never really allowed its games to be modded, or used by emulators, so all of that is technically illegal.
    The Deadviper
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    Over in japan it is illegal. They have actual laws against modding and hacking and the like. But say here in the US it falls under possession is 9/10ths of the law. 

    A couple years ago or so a big court case went up about modding/hacking iPhones and the repurposing of products like ink cartridges such as refilling and reselling under subscription purposes. Apple and HP'S claim (just to name a couple companies involved) was that it is their product and customers buying them own a license to use extension and does not give the right for the customer to do as they please with their products. well despite their eula's and other policies - they lost. Court decree was that for example if a person wants to jailbreak their iPhone they can. Refill an ink cartridge - by all means. Resell it? Sure you can. Etc. 

    Point is it's not illegal here. Nintendo can slap a ban for modifying the software like Apple can still claim warranty void for jailbreaking. Can't be sued for it. New laws protecting you decree this. Copying a game file for personal use is like copying a music album or movie. You can if you own a copy. Lawsuits and fines come in when you pirate in the giving or recieving form. The foundation isn't illegal. it's what you do with it that can be. Plus YouTube is stupid anyways. They'll give ownership or strikes against anyone who drops a claim on someone whether they have credibility or not. Especially if it's a big name company like Nintendo. 
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