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Material Proxy Discussion (and Help Board)

A Forum Thread for Counter-Strike: Source

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Before I get things started, I'm requesting very experienced users on GameBanana who are familiar with Valve's Material Proxy system.

I'm looking to utilize an "if-then" situation for determining if a certain frame is chosen from an RNG based proxy, then the output will result in $translucent for that frame number.
I'm also gonna have a $bumpframe line with that RNG proxy match whatever the $frame is after the RNG event is processed in-game.

If you need to know what RNG code I'm utilizing, I'm using [PRince_4] Sharma's "How to use "RNG" in Skins" tutorial.

If you want more information on what exactly I'm planning on doing with this, I'll list it below in as much detail as possible.

For my future mod postings, I'm planning on releasing every glove from CS:GO into CS:S. With this being said, some users find it more attractive to use "Sleeves" and some do not. With the RNG proxy system in place, I can have it where users have sleeves varying in patterns (as they do in CS:GO), or sometimes they'll be invisible so it'll just be the gloves at times, thus resulting in the appearance of being on T-Side in CS:GO (usually they don't have sleeves on certain maps).


I need an IF-THEN code template in valve's proxy format that is called AFTER the RNG proxy is initialized: 
IF resulting $frame from RNG proxy = (decided $frame #) THEN = $translucent 1
^ I'll be using multiple instances of this, preferred to have two instances of this line for me to work off of
IF $frame /= (not equal) # THEN $translucent is 0

I need the line of proxy code that'll make $bumpframe = what the end result is of my RNG code. 
I may be able to figure this out on my own.

I'm only looking for a template of code to work off of that'll get me in the right direction. The rest will be finished by me. Your help will be mentioned in the future mod submission pages on GameBanana (if the code actually works 100% as I intend it to). If you need me to explain anything in further detail, I'll gladly reply with what you need to know. If there's anything I find unnecessary to explain, I will not disclose such information.


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    The first thing that came to my mind is $Resultvar and $LessOrEqual.


    "$three"        "3"
    "$one"           "1"
    "$zero"          "0"
    "$Translucent"       "0" //It should turn to 1 Only when it's needed

                            "srcVar1"      "$frame" //The Frame of the texture
                            "srcVar2"      "$three" //Is no. three
                            "resultvar"  "$Translucent" //The Transparency command
                            "greaterVar" "$one" //Turned to 1
                            "LessEqualVar"  "$zero" //else 0
    Now i'm not sure if this i'll work since i clearly haven't tested or meddled with Proxies code.

    But you can try the similar way.

    It's easy to randomize certain things like sine,detailscale and lod.
    but this could be a way to check if the texture have certain frame loaded in game.
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