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Possible ideas!

A Forum Thread for Super Smash Bros. (Wii U)

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I won’t put this in work-in-progress yet or concepts (because there’s no drawing and because I’m not 100% certain that I’m going to go through with this); however, as of late, I’ve really wanted to expand upon 3D modeling with more character imports. There are several ideas that I have had and some of which may have already been requested.  Smash U is ultimately not accessible to me (#feelsbadman) so I am still going to stick with modding Smash 4. Moreover, I wanted to ask for the opinion of what is left of this community.  

The idea is to make a modpack consisting of the characters that either I have thought about, have been requested, or a combination of both. Whichever characters are the most wanted / favored will be released FIRST, while the rest will come in the future. Please note that the starting list is the ideas that I have initially had. If you have a character that you’d like to see, comment or pm me. 


Final Fantasy: 

Tifa over Zero Suit Samus. It’s a concept that has always been thought of as their similarities are quite familiar. An easy import due to their similar builds. Tifa would also work well due to both Samus and her relying on physical attacks (also, Tifa just wouldn’t work over any of the princesses’ or sword fighter females). 

Sephiroth over Marth? This is still an unsure idea, but having him in the game would definitely be a cool contrast to Cloud. Seph would need to be over a sword fighting male— but his signature weapon will be reduced in length, or else fights simply wouldn’t be much fair. 

Aerith over Zelda. C’mon now. She was already teased in Cloud’s trailer, so a mod should’ve been inevitable. There isn’t much of an explanation to this choice— only that the trailer gave great inspiration. On the other hand, she would also go good over Palutena since her weapon would make sense to import over and Palutena (like Zelda) also possesses magical abilities that would be necessary for Aerith. 

Lightning over Lucina. Their personalities are quite similar. Both are also skilled with swords. There have been plenty of comparisons between the two, so why not complete the circle with an import? 

Noctis over either Robin or Shulk. Don’t really know which would be better. Robin would represent the more elemental / magical prowess that Noctis has, while Shulk fits his build much more better and fights primarily with his blade. It’s a toss-up between them at the current moment. 

Aranea over F!Corrin or Zero Suit. Again, another toss-up. On one hand, she would work GREAT over female Corrin. Aranea is known as a ‘dragoon’ (a funny familiarity to Corrin’s dragon), her spear omits a redish aura while she fights (much like Corrin has pink around her chainsaw-sword), she has a helmet that could be displayed whenever Corrin’s dragon-horns would usually come on, and both pretty much rock that armor. On the other hand, Aranea’s build (sans the armor) fits more to ZSS imo. She is a quick, aerial-capable fighter as well which matches up to ZSS. Also, hey, both are extremely badass and... yeah. The only things are that unlike ZSS, Aranea does not wear skin-tight clothing and relies more on her lance (which on the other hand, could be imported over Corrin’s sword easily). 

Kingdom Hearts. Short summary that most of these ideas were inspired from requests posted, but due to the release of KH3, they are more now do-able due to updated HD models existing. 

Vanitas over Dark Pit
Aqua over Lucina 
Terra / Lingering Will over Ike 
Zexion over Robin 
Ansem over Ganon
Axel over Roy (dunno man, but both have the fire skills). 
Demyx over ? This is also an idk, but I really wanna see this guy get in. 

Persona Series: 

Ann Takamaki over ZSS. Skin-tight suits, high agility, AND their own whips? Too perfect to not. 

Yusuke Kitagawa and Goro Akechi over Marth. Yusuke already looks like Marth, I mean- Akechi would be a good-fit because he’s a speedy sword-fighter as well. 

Mitsuru Kirijo over Lucina. Both are female sword-fighters and due to the lack of female sword fights actually IN the game... Lucina is really the only choice. 

Yosuke Hanamura:  Shiek. Both are fast and agile fighters. 

Ryuji Sakamoto: Captain Falcon, due to the same build and physical strength aspects. 

OverwatchDisclaimer! If mods for these characters are done, they will not be publicly posted here due to Blizzard’s policy regarding their models. They will be posted to somewhere more private OR individual links to the downloads will be given out via private messaging. 

Widowmaker over ZSS. Same build, both are extremely lithe, both got their skin-tight suits, both have about the same hairstyle (which will make rigging the mesh to bones easier), and Widow’s rifle could be imported over the shock gun. 

Tracer over Bayonetta. Both are speedy, gun-wielding, taller characters. Bayo’s taunt animations would also fit well with Tracer. 

Reaper over Ganon. “Darker” characters with more bulky builds and slower movements. 

Bastion over ROB. See a robot? Be a robot (/omnic). 

Mercy over Palutena. Both have the angel thing going on and Mercy’s staff could be imported over Palutena’s. 

Genji over Sheik. Speedy, agile fighters who can equally both tilt enemies into frustration and harass them to oblivion. Perfect! 

D.VA over ZSS. Both have suits / mechs that make them more powerful, which gives them a good similarity. Also, they’re both fast out of those more-powerful forms and use a gun as well. 

Pharah over Samus. Their armors are quite the same, both are projectile heroes, and helmets also look much alike. 

Winston over DK because... monkey bois. 

Lastly, I wanted to import some more skins for the existing female Fire Emblem ladies in Smash (primarily from Warriors). They would mostly only be for Lucina and Corrin, but I’d also do Robin if she was requested. 


And those are all my ideas! If anyone is interested in any of these or has any of their own, please let me know. I really wanna do these but ONLY if they’re wanted, otherwise the project will not be posted. Thank you in advance and much love! 


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    Tracer over Bayo would be pretty cool
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    I like the idea of King of Fighters characters mods, for example kyo over captain falcon or athena over zelda.
    I like too geralt of rivia (over robin or marth?), rinoa over zelda and wolf link over dog hunt.

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    Not sure if you'd be interested but Sigma from Megaman X would be cool over Ganon!
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