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How do you make custom voice packs for drivers?

A Forum Thread for Mario Kart 8

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Custom Voice Packs on Mario Kart 8

A lot the custom characters here dont have voices over the driver they replaced, plus if there are ports like a model swap over another driver they lose their voices and need a new voice pack for the driver they are on.

Its not as simple as renameing the voice files since it will leave the driver without a voice and can sometimes freeze ingame.

So I want to know what program to use and how create these voice packs so i can get started on some and get some voices back in this game.

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    JoshdaBoss Joined 1y ago
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    THIS IS MY TYPE OF QUESTION!!! Oh, before you follow my instructions, you'll need to download these first...

    SARC Extract(there isn't any other links for it, so I'll lend you mine) -

    Looping Audio Converter -

    NW4F Wave Converter(in MK8 Voice Tools) -

    Uwizard(this is also in MK8 Voice Tools, so no download link!)

    WARNING: It's also required you download Audacity. Don't worry, IT'S FREE! -

    Note: Make sure to pin all of these folders to Quick Access, on the left hand side of File Explorer. It makes it easier to access your folders.

    Now that you have the required materials, LET'S TEACH!!!

    Get the .bars file from the character you wish to mod, this should be located in content/audio/driver & driver_menu(you need both of them).

    Note: The files in the driver folder should say "SNDG_(Character's Name).bars and the files in the driver_menu folder should say SNDG_M_(Character's Name).bars.

    Copy both of these files(one at a time) and paste them into the SARC-ARC-PACK-BARS-BGENV-SZS Extractor folder(both from driver and driver_menu). Then, move both files to the SarcExtract.exe(separately).

    A folder with the .bars file's name will pop up. Go in it and you'll see maybe 79 or 80 .bfwav files.

    Now, remember when I said both driver and driver_menu? Go into the SNDG_M_(Character's Name) folder, then copy the .bfwav and paste it to the SNDG_(Character's Name) folder. This way, all of the bfwav files are together.

    Now, copy all of these files(don't copy the .bin file) and paste them into the LoopingAudioConverter folder.

    Click the LoopingAudioConverter.exe. When it opens, you'll see an empty box. Move all of the .bfwav files into that box.

    LoopingAudioConverter also has a output format option. You can convert them to either mp3, wav, or ogg(but I recommend .wav). After choosing an output format, click Start.

    LoopingAudioConverter will convert all the files. The LoopingAudioConverter also has it's own output folder, so just go there. You can tell because it says OUTPUT(sorry if I sound mean here, because I am...).

    If you click the files, you'll be able to listen to them. However, we're only half done!

    We can't continue unless you have audio files at your disposal. a great place to get them is at the Sounds Resource! -

    If you have the audio files and Audacity, then we can continue.

    When editing the audio files in Audacity, make sure you

    1. Make the hertz size(it affects how clear it sounds) 28000. It's the one that says "Hz" at the bottom left corner.

    2. The audio file can't have a bigger file size than the original. It must either be the same size or less.

    When you're done replacing all of the files, copy all of the replaced files and paste them to the WAV to BFWAV folder.

    Put the files in the N4FW_WaveConverter.exe. Bfwavs with the same name will pop up. Delete the .wav files.

    There should be an extra ".dspadpcm" in all of the audio files.

    Delete them with Command Prompt(Since every PC has this, I'll do this mini guide for you)

    You see the windows button on your computer? It's on the bottom left side. It says the words "Type here to search" Click it.

    Type Command and it should already pop up. Click it.

    When Command Prompt comes up, you'll see "C:\Users\(Your Name)>

    Type cd next to it(it means change directory) and copy the location of your WAV to BFWAV folder, then paste it in Command Prompt.

    it should be - cd C:\Users\(Your Name)\The directory to your WAV to BFWAV folder. Now press ENTER on your keyboard.

    Now, copy and paste this - ren *.dspadpcm.bfwav *.bfwav and press Enter.

    This will remove the extra .dspadpcm's in the .bfwav files. However, there are few files with it .dspadpcm left, delete them manually. (If you can click the filename, just remove it manually).

    Congrats, you're 3 Quarters done! Cut(keyword here is CUT) all of the bfwav files in the BFWAV to WAV folder, then paste them to the SARC-ARC-PACK-BARS-BGENV-SZS Extractor folder. Move all of the files into the SNDG_(Character's Name) folder. Something will pop up asking you to replace these files, click yes.

    Before we go further, I just want to remind you once more about the SNDG_M_(Character's Name) file. Keep in mind that the SNDG_M_(Character's Name) file ALWAYS starts with a "pVO"

    Select the file that begins with a "pVO" and move it to the SNDG_M_(Character's Name) folder. Something will once again pop up asking you to replace the file, click Yes once more.

    Now, go to the Uwizard folder. We're almost done! Click the Uwizard.exe On the top right corner, click "Archive Manager."

    Select "Pack SARC." Something will pop up, allowing you find the directory for the folder of your choosing. Find the SARC-ARC-PACK-BARS-BGENV-SZS Extractor folder and SNDG_(Character's Name) and SNDG_M_(Character's Name) folders. Click it and press OK(DON'T DO THEM AT THE SAME TIME!!! Do one folder individually!)

    Boom, after you get two .sarc files, rename both of them to .bars. If something asks you if you are sure, press Yes.

    Now replace them into their original folders(if you forgot, just scroll up here).

    AND WE'RE DONE!!! It may seem complicated but it's simple once you get the hang of it, already have the custom voice clips, and Audacity. Audacity is probably the only reason doing this so simple...however, it's a tedious process. Hope you understand my instructions!

    Q&A: If you noticed, Uwizard also has an extract SARC option. However, I don't recommend using as Uwizard is the one you are required to repack in, so the process seems more confusing. You might end making a mistake, thus having to start over. I don't want that, so I'm giving you another .sarc extraction tool.
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