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Create a linkle?

A Forum Thread for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (WiiU)

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I’ve been looking on here for some time and I’ve seen create a Link mods, but was wondering if they worked with Linkle as well? I would love to edit my character and change her skin tone but I’m not exactly sure how to do that besides texture editing, which I’m not sure how to do either.


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    Hey there! I know this isn't EXACTLY what you mean since it's missing the skin tones- but it's a start!

    It's hair and eye colors for Linkle!

    Hope it's a good start.

    You can also look into the Graphics pack Too Many Options though I'm not sure how well it works for Linkle but it has better skin tone options then build a link(which isn't that stable and old)
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    Hah so, for whatever reason I went from cleaning up the path structure on all the cemu mods I started using, to noticing it probably wouldn't be that hard to re-dux something kinda like a uber create-a-linkle AiO mod. Kinda? i dunno.

    TLDR: I ramble, I kinda started a re-vamp of Linkle options mods, I can like do more or rather actually do it at all if people are interested and it doesn't piss off the Linkle Mod Devs

    Hatchet job to figure out how things are done. 

    Also tangent - initially thinking of doing a 'default' and *ahem* naughty version using Linkle Bikini mod- 

    Cause also, lol...

    But decided for a few reasons if that was worth it re-texturing something less sportswear is a better idea. (Also, this isn't Skyrim, so like , your rocks, they should just be hiding Koroks...

    Lastly, I hate Max, so not really wanting to bother with modelo edits or anything, so I'm hoping the mod author finishes them as separate armor. Maybe if there's surprise Maya tools, but I can live with dropping a UV checker map in place of textures and Smash forge for previews 

    Anyways, enough of that-
    I kinda set up a pre-production if I was gonna do it thing. At least to knock out chunks of stuff when i run into it ingame.

    Honestly the most difficult part is organizing and unpacking the absurdly amazing work that went into the Linkle mod in the first place. I left most of the psds of textures I touched ready for 'fill color, turn layer on, export to proper folder, import texture, re-pack" Just gotta decide how complex it can be vs. quality of life.

    i.e. How many skin tones, what/how many hair/eye colors and how to make it available in a way that isn't 40 different files the user has to pick through or a gig+ with 3 sub trees in the cemu graphic packs menu. I haven't really even looked at making things viable for actual hardware or Switch.

    In regards to that- I have a few questions I haven't figured out from R&D. I should probably get on the modding discord or something when I can find the time.

    EDIT: I tried to hide the Linkle Bikini Mod pics in spoiler text, spoiler- it just blurs text. Whoops. I was going to change them to links, but new account (I mean, maybe I had one when this was CS Banana but like, whew...) So no posting links yet for me. sorry if it offends :) 
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