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Updated 2 3d
  • Adjustment I now know how to change the Title's font (sort of). Please read the comments.
Updated 6d Adjustment
So my question is this: How do you change the "HALF-LIFE 2" title that appears when starting a new game? (font, color, etc.) 

I know it's technically (without the "HalfLife2" font applied) " HALF-LIFE' ", and I've changed similar titles, e.g. the one on the title screen and in the credits.

The only thing stopping me from changing this one is: I can't find it in any of the scripts I've looked in, and searching this question online brings up nothing useful.

So if anyone knows where to find it/ where to change it, please let me know.
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    I sent your question to the Source Modding Community server on Discord and got a reply:

    I hope this helps.
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    it should be in scripts folder and is named credits.txt

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    So, after a long time of testing I have discovered that the "Title" uses the font assigned by this bit of code inside the "clientscheme.res" file:

        "name"  "HalfLife2" <-- Here
        "tall"  "64"
        "tall_hidef" "58"
        "weight" "0"
        "antialias" "1"
        "additive" "1"
        "custom" "1"

    This is very unfortunate as, obviously, it's the same bit of code used to set the font for the weapon icons.

    Changing it then, would require a custom font that includes the "Weapon Icons" on top of whatever style you want to change the title to.

    I personally have no idea how to create my own "True Type font file".
    If you know how this can be done, please let me know.

    Now I just need to know how to also change the title's color...

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